Membership Savings Account

A minimum deposit of $25. will get you started toward saving for that dream vacation.

  • No service charge

  • No minimum daily balance required

  • Accessible anytime you need it, whether it is in person, by ATM or by phone.

  • Minimum balance to earn interest is $300. (link to rate page)

  • Link savings to checking for overdraft protection at no cost.

Become a member today to get started!

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Please note that Virtual Branch will not be available starting at 2:30pm on Thursday, 10/31. As part of our merger, we will be integrating the Mendo Lake Credit Union and Fort Bragg Community Federal Credit Union Virtual Branch systems. Staff will work as quickly as possible to complete the task, and we expect the system to be available the afternoon of Saturday, November 2nd.

To ensure that all members receive ample notice of this service interruption, this informational page will be displayed every time you log into Virtual Branch through the end of October. Thank you for your patience as we make this transition!

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