Auto Loans

It can be problematic to get money from the bank on the security of a car to make a profitable deal, bridge the cash gap or solve other financial problems. A positive decision can be affected by conditions such as the type of the client’s employment, his/her credit history, income rate, etc.

Processing of the loan issue takes about a week after collecting the required package of documents. During this time, the applicant can either fail the deal, or change his mind to apply for a loan. In addition, the rates may not be so high as to go to the bank and overpay high interest.

Payday Loans in California is an optimal solution to financial issues. To apply for a loan and get money secured by a car, you just need to leave your application online, study the preliminary payment schedule, signed an e-agreement and get funds to your credit card. A personal manager of the company will help resolve all issues.

Thanks to our system of financial solutions, you can get money quickly, without certificates and guarantors. The borrower leaves only his own car as a security. The pawnshop drives the car into a special parking lot or you may sign an egreement and leave your title and use the car furtheron.

Why do clients trust us?

Our company operates on absolutely legal terms and not only provides a loan secured, but also controls the entire transaction, from the moment the application is submitted to the last day of the agreement. The loan amount is calculated based on the market value of the collateralized car. We work throughout the United States. We assess cars, trucks and special equipment as collateral.

In addition, we:

  • are loyal to our clients and their credit history. We consider each application on an individual basis.
  • work honestly, without hidden fees and fines. The loan is issued for up one year.
  • offer favorable terms for taking a loan.
  • work promptly. The application is considered within a few hours (maximum – a day), and you can get the required amount on the first business day.
  • if the borrower does not repay the debt, then only within 1-2 months given to the client to pay off the debt, we put the car up for auction. The difference between the sale and the amount provided is returned to the borrower.

First of all, the client must pay off the interest for the use. The main debt can be returned at any time before the expiration of the agreement. Then the car will be returned.