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Manufactured Home LoansRV travel is very popular in North America and Europe on those very beautiful vans that allow you to travel and relax in comfort even in the wildest conditions. Modern mobile homes (campervans, caravans, trailers) are fully autonomous campervans with toilet and shower, lighting, air conditioning, gas heating, stove and all other amenities. The equipment and comfort of motorhomes range from the most basic, basic standards to the highest levels of comfort, technology and even luxury.

The most impressive selection of pre-owned campervans awaits you at US auctions. It is in the States that motorhome tourism is a long-term and large-scale industry. According to experts, the park of such equipment there is about 10 million copies.

Decide on your search criteria

To find and buy a manufactured home in the USA that is 100% right for you, you need to correctly formulate your technical requirements at the initial stage. Understand what offers are on the market in general, what type of motorhome will be more suitable for your criteria.

Types of “mobile real estate”

Ride-on motorhomes

All mobile homes are divided into two main categories – ride-on and trailers. Ride-on models include any models that are built on the basis of cars and can move freely without the involvement of additional equipment. From the outside, the ride-on manufactured home looks almost like an ordinary bus, but inside it all conditions are created for a comfortable stay of people. Ride-on models can be an all-metal body or integrated when the living space is “delivered” to the vehicle chassis.

Trailed motorhomes

Such models move along the roads on a truck and at the right time they simply “unfasten” from it, resulting in such a cozy house in the forest. When you need to drive again, the truck is connected to the trailer camper – and you hit the road in tow. In Europe, they are called “caravans”, and in the USA there is such a term as travel trailer. To travel freely on such a “mobile home”, you only need to choose which car will be used as a truck.

There is also such a classification of motorhomes in America:

  • Motorhome class A (high class models);
  • Motorhome class B (models with a simplified set of equipment);
  • Pickup based motorhome (very compact);
  • Trailer tent;
  • Travel trailer (large and fully equipped inside);
  • Trailer trailer (small model that can be used with a motorcycle or scooter);
  • Hybrid trailer (trailer for travel, also having retractable tents for sleeping and resting);
  • Fifth-wheel trailer (residential trailer with simplified highway towing with a fifth wheel coupling);
  • Residential trailer (does not require special permission to tow on the highway).

Define a budget

So that you can find the right camper or caravan in a short time, decide on a budget. How much are you willing to spend on your purchase – this is largely what you need to build on when searching at Copart, IAAI, Manheim auctions. Of course, buying a manufactured home at an auction in America is not cheap.

Prices for American motor trailers are as follows. You can buy a motorhome in the USA at Copart or Insurance for about $ 10,000-12,000. It will be a class C model, which will require almost no investment and will reliably serve you for the next five years. Year of release – 1995-2000. If you want to buy even cheaper, you can take a closer look at the vehicles from 1985-1995 – this is $ 5,000-8,000. In turn, you can buy a caravan of 2000-2010 years of release for $ 15,000-25,000.

This is only the price at the auction – you need to add the auction fee, delivery, customs clearance, VAT. The final cost of an American travel trailer will be 50-70% higher.

How to buy a manufactured home?

Credit based on personal property

A credit based on personal property provodes an option for manufactured home financing. This loan is similar with an auto loan in that the home is a kind of the loan collateral. You may be able to get such a loan if you don’t plan to buy the conventional home, which is often the case in a mobile home community.

Consumer loans

Consumer loans may be a reasonable version to a habitual mortgage loan. If your manufactured home is still working, or is not financeable for some other reason, this option can be worth using.

The most advantageous item about consumer loans is that there is absolutely no property approval involved. Such a loan is registered on you, not the property, so the manufactured home can be in poor shape or too old to finance, and you could still be approved based on your credit score and debt-to-income ratio.

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