Audio Response Banking: Functions and Benefits

Audio Response Banking Functions and Benefits

To improve the quality of customer service and expand self-service channels, US banks have implemented a pilot project to introduce an Audio Response service with the function of recognition and synthesis of human speech using a unique language model.

Audio Response has evolved and today looks like a unified comprehensive solution for automatic customer service based on the use of technologies for understanding the meaning and synthesis of natural human speech in real time. The modern Audio Response system is aimed at promptly resolving customer issues in a self-service mode, providing background information about the bank and its products.

What can you do with Audio Banking?

Audio Banking service provides round-the-clock information support to clients by calling the bank contact center phone numbers.

The virtual manager knows how to answer customers’ voice calls on the most frequently asked questions. If the manager finds it difficult to answer the client’s question, it transfers the call to a contact center specialist who sees the history of the dialogue and helps the client resolve his/her question.

While communicating with the client, the system independently asks the necessary questions and provides consultations on the selection and conditions for issuing payment cards, the conditions for the provision and processing of consumer loans. To get information about the card balance and the minimum payment amount for loans with cards, just call the bank contact center from the mobile phone specified as a contact number and ask the virtual manager the appropriate question.

Bank clients have already positively assessed Audio Response’s current capabilities. Its main task is to provide a prompt response to a client’s request and provide quality advice. The response time to a call does not depend on the time of day, on the number of operators, their load, the influence of the human factor, which ensures the development of the quality of customer service. The Audio Response manager is a diligent student! The bank analyzes the success of the consultations on an ongoing basis. If unsuccessful contacts are identified, additional training for the Audio Response system is carried out. Training a voice assistant opens up endless possibilities for developing its functionality to improve the service system and the quality of customer service.

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