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What is a Home Equity Credit?

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A home equity credit (mortgage) is a long-term loan provided by a bank secured by real estate. All the conditions for the loan application and the features of loan agreements secured by a mortgage are…

What is Online Banking and How It Works?

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Online banking provides tremendous opportunities for clients of various credit institutions. Thanks to this service, now you can do most of the banking operations without leaving your home. Why do you need Online Banking? Today,…

Audio Response Banking: Functions and Benefits

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To improve the quality of customer service and expand self-service channels, US banks have implemented a pilot project to introduce an Audio Response service with the function of recognition and synthesis of human speech using…

What is a Wire Transfer?

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Bank (wire) transfer is when money is sent from one bank account to another. The bank transfers a certain amount to the recipient for a certain fee and at the request of the sender. The…